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Beef is the culinary word ...

Beef is the culinary word used to describe the meat gotten from cows. When you purchase of a portion of beef on Kada Mall NG, what you get is a 1kg weight of the freshest piece of beef that you can’t get anywhere else. Beef is one of the richest sources of protein for human beings. Doctors of patients recovering from surgery often recommend that they stick to a steady supply of protein – cow meat. Apart from proteins, beef is also an excellent source of iron – it actually contains more iron than any other commonly consumed meat. Meat gotten from cattle is one of the world’s most nutrient-rich foods judging from the number of calories contained. Beef is a necessity for growing children, it supplies the major key nutrients children need to combat diseases and stay strong and healthy. It aids red blood cell development, retentive memory and prevents deficiency of Iron during their adolescent years. Compared to what you get elsewhere, our beef is well preserved against contamination and you can be guaranteed to get a meaty piece free of bones.

Beef has an endless list of meals it can be made with or it can be consumed on its own after frying or cooking. We aim to please, so depending on what you intend to make with the meat, it is up to you to decide how you want your beef cut. The options cover every possible category – you can get it sliced in large cuts, medium cuts, and small cuts. They are two major ways to cook beef, dry heat and wet heat. Dry heat involves the meat surface forming a crusty and delicious flavor, which leads to loss of moisture. Wet heat method makes the beef lose less moisture and enables the meat to cook longer. Cow meat is convenient in more ways than one; it is healthy, easy, and environmentally friendly and most of all very affordable.

Buy your fresh beef On Kada Mall NG for the best price in Kaduna – Nigeria.

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